Sunday, November 6, 2016

Primative skills weekends

After attending Bois D'Arc Primitive Skills and Knap in this September with our good friends from Missouri, we were inspired to hang out with our good friends we met at the now defunct Ozark Tracking School (OTS). 
At Bois D'Arc ( we learned about primitive cooking, making gourd canteens, cat-tail shoes, pine-pitch glue, flint knapping arrow-heads, taking edible and medicinal plant walks with Rix, cooking insects we found with Bo, and much, much more! 
We came back and cooked one of our hogs while Snoopy cooked a farm stew in a pumpkin with hot rocks and cooked up pumpkin seeds and corn-meal persimmon and black walnut cakes on a hot stone.  Calvin slept in a hammock in the top of our cedar tree (and lived!), and the kids all practiced throwing atlatl darts at Michael's target.  We hiked in the canyon and made friction fires in the afternoon.  We all pledged to do this more often, as we all had a blast! 

Can you find 4 hammocks?

Persimmon, walnut corn cakes


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