Sunday, February 13, 2011

One man's junk is another man's treasure

During the winter months, we make a point of going to at least one of the monthly farm auctions in Inola. Our reasoning is that there will be less compitition in the cold, winter months. I'm always excited to go, even if it is bitter cold out. We get there before the auction starts to scope out all the goods and decide what we want to bid on. Several auctioneers begin at once, and when necessary, we divide up so we can both bid on things simultaneously.

Regardless of how excited I am at the start, after a few hours of being there, I hit the wall. All the metal goods start looking the same, and I can't even pretend to get excited about the finds Johnny is unearthing. Even the people watching has run it's course for me, and that's saying something.
So, imagine my surprise when Johnny points out the hand corn grinder! Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'm placing an exclaimation point after the words "corn grinder". You see, we grew a bit of Hopi Blue field corn this year. We were given a hand sheller, and after drying the corn, we shelled it and put it up in jars in our kitchen. And while it looks beautiful, we haven't been able to eat the dang stuff! Until now!!!

I can't discern a leg trap from a grain mill, but thankfully, Johnny can (where he gets this knowledge I'll never know). So, without further ado - behold...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Third Annual Cow Pucky Slalom

And this was in just the few inches of snow we had about a month ago. We've since had two snows of over 12" each!