Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here we go again!

I just said to Johnny the other night that while I don't feel particularly idle in the winter, I suddenly feel like 'here we go again'.  Our (tiny) dairy goat herd doubled in about 10 days.  Our seasoned Sanaan mamma delivered three babies, two of which were born alive and are doing well.  And our two first-time Oberhausli mommas each had relatively easy births.  Calvin and I spent an hour one afternoon watching Sorrel deliver her baby and witnessing his first steps just 17 minutes after entering the world.  Amazing!  The farm has taken on such a lively atmosphere with the four babies frolicking about all the time. 
And Johnny and Calvin have been busy mowing and then tilling in cover crops and planting seed for spring crops.  Our broccoli and cabbage seedlings are in the ground, along with green onions, carrots, lettuce, chard, kale,  spinach, and more.  
Johnny on his home-made row-maker!

Wildflowers are blooming!  The chickweed is in full bloom and is on its way out, but we have buttercup, trout lily, spring beauty, yellow corydalis, and many varieties of violets, including some edible ones!  The elms are seeding, and I finally figured out which are the Slippery Elm trees.  I gathered bark for decotions/teas.  
Notice the hairless seeds of Slippery Elm
Even the return of the ticks can't get me down this time of year!