Thursday, December 1, 2011

Most recently I was cleaning out the freezer in preparation for butchering our steer in December.  I found a bag marked "goat soup bones" from 2009.  I boiled those on the wood stove with water, salt, bay leaves, and basil.  I also set some crowder peas out to soak overnight.  I took the broth off the stove and set it on the screen porch overnight (it was at a safe temperature - I should mention I'm a dietitian).
The next day I skimmed the fat (my dogs loved it) and trimmed much meat from the bones.  The dogs also loved the bones.  I added back the meat with our potatoes in our root cellar from summer, sweet potatoes from a recent harvest, carrots that are still in the ground, and greens that are still growing (kale, mustards, beet tops and spinach).  Oh, and the crowder peas.  And more herbs and salt. 

I also ground some of our wheat in my coffee grinder and made rolls.  Yum!  I think this will feed us for 5 nights.  Good thing even Calvin loves it.