Friday, March 20, 2015

Free Bacon!

Thanks to the generosity of a local grocery store who shares culled produce, we haven't bought a stitch of feed for our pigs.  We believe they have breed, and are due to have piglets in June.  From then it's about 6 months to bacon-time!  We're about to till up their current grazing area for our garden expansion, and just in time, as the pasture is really greening up.  We have edible greens in the pasture nearly all year - the big die-off seems to coincide with winter solstice and the green-up is timed with the spring equinox.  Neat!  We've been letting the pigs graze in their new area a little each day, so they are familiar and comfortable with the area.  And as long as the grocery store cooperates, treats will continue each morning.