About us

At Barefoot Farm we believe the land right here can sustain us - that it can provide all the food and nutrition we need to not just survive, but to thrive.  We are trying to master how to feed ourselves here with the practices of gardening, raising animals, hunting, and foraging. 

We are Karen, Johnny, and Calvin White.  We have an organic farm in Rose, Oklahoma.
What else?  We try to be honor the natural world, since we are so directly tied to it.  In the same breath I should mention that we do what is practical for our family.  We honor both the earth's well being and our own.  So far, what has worked for us and made the most sense includes not going into any debt. Neither of us works full time off the farm.  In fact, only one of us works just part-time off the farm.  In recognizing the finite resources our earth has, we made the decision to have only one child.  We home school him to ensure that he is socialized not by a public institution.  We also mimimize media exposure.  So if you send us an email, expect a reply to take a while.  It's nothing personal.  Lastly, we try to minimize our energy use.

We still shop.  It's more practical to buy salt, and I really like chocolate.  Okay, and a few other things.  Well, maybe more than a few.  Nonetheless, we have learned a lot on our journey, and would love to share what we've figured out if it would help anyone else be more self reliant.  And we'd love to hear from others who can teach and guide us along our journey.  
In the course of the blog, I plan to share what we're eating.  We hope to share what is growing in our gardens and what we've found in our surroundings.  I'll share how I preserve food, and how much we need for the year.  Things like that.  Thanks for visiting.
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