Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sumac Tea

From late summer to early fall is an ideal time to make a cold infusion of sumac berries for a refreshing lemonade-flavored tea.   Simply gather ripe red berry clusters from any sumac tree (poison sumac has white berries and overall looks very different, so it's difficult to make a mistake and accidentally gather these).  To ensure you aren't wasting your time, touch your tongue to a berry cluster.  If nice and sour, they are ripe.  They are best (prime sourness) when glistening with a whitish sap.  Try to harvest before a heavy rain.

Next, simply place berry clusters in a jar and cover with cold water.  Wait for anywhere between 1 hour and a day.  Strain and sweeten to your liking with your favorite sweetener.  We used a simple sugar syrup.  Cool in the fridge, and enjoy after chopping firewood or any tough, hot outdoor chore, or whenever you'd reach for a refreshing glass of lemonade. 

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