Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What do you do all day?!

People often ask me this - either when they find out that we don't have a TV, or when they learn that I only "work" part-time. I got fed up the other day and wrote it all down. It was a good one. I'll add it to this post later, but of course, here I am at the library with internet access, and remembered my notebook, but I must have written it elsewhere.

Let's see...
Homeschooling my son takes time - usually 3 hours 4 days per week. Thankfully that eases in the summer, but that is when weeding, harvesting, and preserving food really kicks in.

I'm up between 6:30-7:30. I cook breakfast and clean house a little. I may have to dump the composting toilet or fill the peat/sawdust bucket. I may have to clean and package eggs. Harvesting produce takes hours daily in peak season with cleaning included. Canning takes a long time. This afternoon I plan to make roasted red pepper sauce. This involves roasting the peppers, waiting for them to cool, peeling them, slicing, and cooking with onions, brown sugar and balsamic vinegar before canning. Sure is worth it, though.

Today I played chess with Calvin (two games) before breakfast. Then I pan-toasted cinnamon-raison bread (that I baked earlier in the week) and ate breakfast. I messed around with Calvin and Johnny's archery lesson - shooting a few arrows myself, before showering and going to work. I put in three hours. Now I'm at the library checking on a few things and posting my monthly blog. I'll go home, and maybe jog. Then canning. Then swimming in the pond. Then re-heat leftovers (venison shephard's pie with our own taters, carrots, and meat), saute summer squash and red bell peppers (also from the garden) and a watermelon (also ours). At 7:00 Calvin starts getting ready for bed, and Johnny or I read to him until 8pm. Then we usually take a walk around the property before finally sitting down to either read or watch a movie (we have a TV, just no TV reception - so maybe 1-2 movies per week).

Basically, I'm busy. I love doing everything I'm involved in, but there's not much lag time in my life. Trust me.

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  1. I get that question all the time as well, Karen, when they find out we do not have television. It is funny to me that they would ask, because, obviously, if I am not watching tv I am doing a WHOLE lot more than they are, =).