Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July harvest

July has provided a bounty from the garden so far. We had a great market day July 17th. We sold edamame, okra, the last of our carrots, potatoes, summer squash, green beans, sun gold cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and eggs. We already spend so mcu time harvesting - I can't imagine what next year will be like.

I realized our current good fortune the evening of the market as we were eating dinner and it occured to me that everything we were eating we grew or purchased locally. We had corn on the cob (TFM - Tahlequah Farmers' Market), potato salad (our 'taters, carrots, bell peppers, chives & dill), canned dilly beans (us), edamame (us), baguette with Italian bomb - goat cheese with pesto (both TFM), cherry tomatoes (us), cucumbers (us) and watermelon (us). I feel good when we contribute or procure just one item locally, but being connected to the entire dinner felt great!

I'll end with a brief story: we are working to build soil and combat weeds (bermuda grass) in our one-acre market garden spot. We got a tiller from a grant, and purchased cover crop seed. We were just waiting for good conditions, namely rain. So as I was driving home from yoga (, and heard the forcast for rain that evening, I ran into the house and at 8pm told Johnny we needed to till and plant - right now!

He went for it! I admit, I may have wanted a little farm drama. We were planing well into the dark of night, which is never, never a good idea. We have plants coming up, and got 2" of rain two days ago, but there are bald patches. Dummy!


  1. LOVE it when the entire meal is like that!! It is a rewarding and fantastic experience. Miss you guys, glad to see all is well @ Barefoot!! Love and stuff... Jes

  2. wow, you have also become a great photographer:)
    so happy to hear from you and we miss y'all so much. your Barefoot farm is surely a spirited place and we are so impressed by your diligence, dedication, and drama free life.
    cannot wait to visit. hi to Calvin from Sam. hugs to you all from Jon and me. see you in November we sure hope. luv, Blair