Saturday, January 10, 2015

Single Digit Nights

The New Year came in accompanied by an arctic blast and temperatures well below the freezing mark.  Thankfully our calves have been gaining weight, and no longer look like bags of bones.  They have soft full winter coats, and despite hanging out in their enclosure for an extra hour on exceptionally chilly mornings, they are the first to venture out to graze.  Not surprisingly, the goats would stay in their barn all day, and often do, grazing on hay to their heart's content.  But the pigs...  The pigs are a new addition, and while they have a healthy layer of fat for insulation, they are so sparsely hairy, we worried a bit about their comfort.  Of course, the population of wild pigs never seems to suffer for cold winters, but still - we want to be good pig guardians.  They stay huddled in their very well insulated enclosure until the sun is out, only braving the wind at the sound of Johnny's voice announcing breakfast.  And who wouldn't come running for stale cornbread, cabbage leaves, and warm milk - oh boy!

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