Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Makin' Granola while the Sun Shines

The weather this spring has been so erratic, one never knows if it's safe to plant those summer plants that are susceptible to frost.  We finally set out our vulnerable peppers and tomatoes, only to learn it's supposed to hit the 30s Thursday night.  On the bright side, it's always a good time to take advantage of a sunny day to make granola.
While this can be done in the oven, using the sun's heat is more environmentally friendly.  We build a solar dehydrator, which works great as a low-temp oven for baking granola and granola bars.  You could easily stick a cookie sheet in your car as well, which is not only "green", but also clearly the most inexpensive option; and some folks find that ingenuity irresistable. 

I mixed oats, local honey, a little oil, local pecans, and local peaches that I dried last year together with some spices and other goodies to yield a gallon of goodness for only a full day in the sun and pennies per serving compared to store-bought granola.  Let your imagination and taste buds lead a solar cooking adventure in your backyard, or sedan...

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