Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roy's Stage Line

I ran into Roy a few weeks back on the way to town. I was so taken with his get-up, that I stopped to talk with him. I was intrigued, and invited him to stop by our place if he was ever in the area. Well, yesterday he blessed us with a visit. Roy has been living on the road in his horse-drawn wagon for about 6 years now. He's looking for a female companion....

He's super-nice and shared a wonderful view of humanity that has been nothing but hospitable and kind during his travels.

It's crazy to think that horse-travel is so do-able today. And it's equally crazy to think that it is so unusual just, what, 100 or so years out of nothing-but horse travel.

Go Roy!


  1. Very neat! The boys realized before me that there was a stage coach painted on the side...guess I am kinda slow, lol. How far does he travel? Does he do some kind of a job out of this, or is this just serve as his home as he travels? I am so curious

  2. He has been to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, and Tennessee - in addition to Oklahoma. He sells some hats, T-shirts and postcards to make a few bucks, but mostly this is hust his horse-drawn RV.